Climb @ Blue Ridge

The Climbing Team

The Climbing Team

A Great Alternative Sport For All Ages

Are your kids looking for a sport where they always get to play? Climbing is a sport where they will learn new skills in an atmosphere of encouragement. In climbing, technique can often triumph over muscle, and girls will often outperform the guys. Our experienced coaches will guide your child through climbing specific games and exercises to help them build confidence, balance, flexibility, and strength.

There are many climbing competitions nearby throughout the year that help to give your child attainable goals and motivate them to keep working to achieve the next level.

We have climbers at all skill levels on our team, so your child can start at any point during the year and fit right in.

Are You Interested?

The cost is $60 per month and includes a gym membership.

Team Schedule

  • Beginner: Every Thursday 5:20–6:20pm or 6:30–7:30pm
  • Intermediate: Every Monday 5:20–6:20pm
  • Advanced: Every Monday 6:30–7:30pm

The Coaches

Karla Hancock

It all started in a climbing gym for Coach Karla. Now, over two decades later, she’s come full circle; tracing her roots back to where it began, only this time, with a kid crusher in tow. Her passion for climbing has greatly influenced her travels – oftentimes sending her and her family to world class climbing destinations. She considers the Red River Gorge her home crag after having spent her formative climbing years there and establishing dozens of first ascents in Muir Valley. As a climber of petite stature, Coach Karla draws on her own experience, developing techniques and strategies that suit climbers who mirror her in size – which benefits youth climbers in particular. Having coached several US National Team level climbers in the Midwest, her approach to coaching is centered on communication and fun while also creating an atmosphere and program that helps climbers develop their confidence and skills.

Jared Hancock

Coach Jared has been climbing for over three decades and has helped coach 3 National Champions. He has climbed in 40 states and 8 countries and has participated in over 300 first ascents (mostly at the Red River Gorge). Jared enjoys climbing routes of all styles (traditional crack climbing, sport climbing, bouldering, and ice). He is currently the head route setter at Climb @ Blue Ridge and has been creating climbing routes for more than 25 years. For many years, Jared actively competed in bouldering and sport climbing competitions. He also set routes and boulder problems for various climbing competitions at the regional and divisional levels for over a decade. When Jared is not climbing, he enjoys whitewater kayaking, mountain biking, and hiking. He is excited for the day when his daughter, Lucy, will out climb him.

Jack Auman

Coach Jack is a sophomore at North Greenville University. He is majoring in accounting. Jack has been climbing for 4 years and is one of our best climbers. He enjoys bouldering trips to Rumbling Bald and is a self-professed Rock Hugger. Jack is our resident calisthenics master and is infamous for his intensive core workouts. When he is ready for a challenge, he says, "Let's run it!"

Heather McNeely

Coach Heather was introduced to climbing in 2009 by her brother, who primarily climbed outdoors, but invited her to try indoor climbing at Climb @ Blue Ridge. In addition to loving the sport of climbing, Heather values making friendships within the climbing community and sharing her love of the sport with others. She has climbed at crags across the Southeast and her favorite is the Red River Gorge in Kentucky. Heather is an avid distance runner, having completed three Boston marathons. Both Heather and her husband Brent are college professors. Heather teaches music and trumpet. They have four children and one daughter-in-law.

Thomas Porter

Thomas is a North Greenville University graduate. He received his Bachelor's Degree in Sports Management with an internship here at Climb @ Blue Ridge.  Thomas has enjoyed learning to climb through the years and making friends through the gym. Thomas has recently married. He and his wife enjoy making genuine connections to the CBR community. Thomas enjoys talking to members about climbing and other aspects of life. Whether it is a boulder problem or a problem in life, Thomas loves to help others with any problem they face.

Nic Bass

Nic moved from Nashville Tenn., where he started climbing indoors 5 years ago. He has been invited to nationals thru USA climbing. He is an avid outdoor climber crushing V10. Nic enjoys working with advanced and beginner climbers on our team. Presently he is a junior at Riverside High School and plans to become a sponsored "Dirtbagger".

John Santopietro

Coach John is currently in 11th grade and has been climbing for over 5 years. He used to be a member of the CBR Youth Climbing Team before he started coaching a year and a half ago. As a member of the team, he went on to win multiple climbing competitions. When not in the climbing gym, John likes to climb outside. The highest cliff he has climbed is 400 feet tall, but in addition to climbing tall walls outdoors, he has multiple bouldering first ascents under his belt, ranging from V0 to V6.